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April 07, 2013

Flowers 2012DaffodilsNew additions
Apr.04 2012

Landscapes 2011
Blush of Spring
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Apr.11 2011

Poppies 2010
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Apr.10 2010

People 2009

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Nov.09 2009

Poppies 2009

New additions
Nov.09 2009


Jenny Waelti-Walters

Painting is singing with colour. Like music, visual art is made of texture, rhythm, movement and balance and every painter combines those elements in an individual way. For me, the actual gesture of laying down the acrylic paint on the canvas is at the heart of what I do. With the movement itself, I strive to capture and transmit the energetic connection between me and my subject. My paintings are about life in process, growth and motion.

Older Paintings

People 2005

Overlapping Forms

People 2007

Poppies 2006

People 2006

Poppies 2007
My Guatemala

Soft Pastels 2008
My Guatemala

Acrylic on Canvas 2008

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