Jenny Waelti-Walters

Artist's statement:
My background is in literature, gender politics and photography. I have recently become a painter and a passionate maker of figurative monoprints. My prints, made in series, become ambiguous narrative as the figures shift and multiply, moving through space and, by implication, through time, casting shadows and leaving ghosts as the surface of the plate evolves. Using ink and press to create painterly effects of texture, I work with movement, gesture and mood. From the knowledge I have of prints and printmaking, it would seem rare that a printmaker chooses to focus on the depiction of motion; I have not yet found any work similar to mine.

When I paint, I am also interested by texture, gesture and, above all, colour. Whereas, as a printmaker, I observe the world around me and comment on it, as a painter I engage with the internal energy of that world, the weight of hanging skins, the upward thrust of Spring growth, the geometries of ice. Most recently, I have been attracted by the dynamics of crowds and so, finally, seem to be bringing prints and paintings together…at least for the moment.

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